Aspirator; It is the name given to the product which is used to attract and suck gaseous fluids and dust in closed areas. Indoor air pollution is very important. The air we breathe, such as house dust, flower powder, mold, animal feather, allergens; IRRITANS such as cigarette smoke, hair spray, perfume, cleaning agents, sharp odors; Home dust mites, Food odor, Moisture, Organic vapors, Microorganisms, Carbon monoxide, Ozone, Sulphate and similar gases due to pollution and loss of fresh health problems, allergies and especially asthma triggers.

The deterioration of the air in the composition of the air on earth creates a polluting effect. Although these gases are small, they have great damage to the building's inhabitants and building materials. Therefore, an aspirator is needed to remove these pollutants from the environment. Today people spend more than 80% of their time in closed areas. The air in these areas is defined as "Acceptable indoor air quality" where the known pollutants are not present at the harmful concentration levels determined by the authorities and do not feel dissatisfaction.

Effective ventilation can be provided by using the most suitable Aspirator for this area by detecting all pollutants in the enclosed area to be ventilated. You can find out what type of aspirator should be used in the closed area where you will improve and maintain indoor air quality with the help of the following calculation system.

One of the important points of ventilation is the unnecessary energy loss when the aspirator with an overloaded capacity is selected. for example, if a factory-use aspirator is set to 0.55 instead of 0.37 kw, it consumes unnecessary energy, such as 35 kW per day, 1.62 kw per day. ( 9 hours of work in a day and 22 days of working hours per month were calculated.) Considering that there are 5 of this fan, 178.2 kw per month makes it the right choice.

Unfortunately, today, people do not pay attention to the engine power in the aspirator diaphragm. If an aspirator is operating in free volume, ie no resistance against it, 0,37 kw and 0,55 kw are not added to the aspirator. Unnecessary electrical energy is transformed into heat energy.

However, because it has resistance against radial and ducted fans, motor power directly affects the flow and pressure values.


It should be remembered that the correct ventilation can be provided by supplying the dirty air in the new and clean air as well as the discharge of the dirty air and selecting the most suitable capacity of the extractor.

In order for this,

Calculate the volume of the area by measuring the width, height and height of the area to be ventilated. (VOLUME m3 = Width x Height x Height) In this area, find the required air exchange rate in one hour by means of table (B) and multiply by volume. When you add the air requirement amounts to the air requirement that you find in Table (C) according to the situation of the people in this area, you will determine the total amount of air required for this area and the aspirator model you should use.

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